About the Cross

The Resurrection, a New Beginning, a Sunrise, a Dream… these were the inspirations for artist, Alan Scherer as he visualized the image for the Cross.  Not just any sunrise, but one that Alan and partner, clay artist Nancy Williams, woke to every morning in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona, between the Rincon and Catalina Mountains.

It was the Dream that prompted Alan to design this Cross.  A very vivid dream… as he describes his vision, “It was huge, an IMAX version, a cross on steroids!”  A phone call to fellow artist, Nancy Williams, and the design was created.  Alan provided the steel framework while Nancy used her artistic talent with clay and painstakingly placed each hand made ceramic tile to create the Sunrise image.

A Cross is a universal symbol, one that has many levels of meaning. To Alan, the Sunrise  represents the promise of resurrection, life after death, a new beginning. For some, The Resurrection signifies the rebirth of Jesus Christ.  For others, a sunrise signifies a New Day, often a reminder that there is hope even in the face of despair.

Each Cross is individually made.  Each one is unique.  While the image is the same, the colors of the ceramic vary offering the collector a palate of choices.

Each cross is numbered and hand signed by the artists.  The Cross art is protected with a  registered copyright from the U.S. Copyright office.

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